ESOF 2014 Committees

Five committees have been appointed to advise and assist the Secretariat in facilitating ESOF 2014.

The Steering Committee

Supervises the overall preparations for the ESOF conference. The ESOF champion is head of the Steering Committee.

Members of the Steering Committee

The Programme Committee 

Responsible for the organisation of the scientific programme, science-2-business programme and the keynote speakers at ESOF 2014.

Members of the Programme Committee

The Career Committee

Responsible for the organisation of the career programme at ESOF 2014

Members of the Career Committee

The International Marketing and Media Committee

Advises and assists in relation to the ESOF 2014 media and marketing activities.

Members of the International Media and Marketing Committee

The Local Organising Committee

Advises and assists the project team to insure national support and interest in ESOF 2014.

Members of the Local Organising Committee