Greetings from ESOF2014 Champion

It is my great privilege to announce Copenhagen as the next host of Euroscience Open Forum in 2014.

I am convinced that Denmark is an ideal place for a scientific meeting in the scale and spirit of ESOF. Above all, we aim to honour the exceptional legacy of ESOF meetings in Europe and believe that we can meet the expectations of ESOF delegates and stakeholders from all around the world.

ESOF2014 Copenhagen is designed as an open platform for debating science and as a showcase for European and global research at all levels. ESOF2014 will be a unique opportunity for leading scientists, young researchers, students, entrepreneurs, policymakers, journalists and the general public to discuss new discoveries and debate the direction that research is taking in all the sciences.

Our vision is to raise awareness of science in the public and to strengthen the effective “bridges” between science and society that is synonymous with Euroscience. We have titled the 2014 meeting “Science Building Bridges”. The conference programme will be truly cross-cutting and multidisciplinary. And the programme is accompanied by an ambitious outreach programme, including a special section for secondary students – the ESOF Future Academy.

Denmark has a deep-rooted scientific tradition and a strong commitment to scientific and technological innovation. The country is home to a number of important universities and leading knowledge-driven companies, which together play an important role in translating knowledge from science to society.

The inspiring atmosphere of Copenhagen along with the logistics and organising capabilities of the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education will ensure a stimulating and adventurous ESOF for all participants. Copenhagen has it all: a unique venue, great accommodations, a wonderful city and a hardworking and devoted local team.

We will do our best and take great pleasure in providing you the framework for the next ESOF in 2014.

Yours sincerely,

Champion, Professor Klaus Bock
Member of Scientific Council, European Research Council
Former Executive Vice-President for Research of Carlsberg A/S

Prof Klaus Bock