ESOF offers a platform where researchers, journalists, policy makers and the public at large can meet and debate cutting-edge research, research policy and global challenges. The highlights of the forum are the presentations at the Opening Panel Debate, the 5 Plenary Lectures, and the 9 Keynote Lectures selected to inspire and motivate ESOF’s diverse audience.

The programme of 120 sessions, each of 75 minutes duration, was developed by the Programme Committee and Career Committee through 3 open calls and a rigorous peer reviewed process. The best proposals were selected by applying criteria such as originality, interdisciplinary approach and international perspective. The remaining 4 sessions are the ‘Hot Science’ sessions selected immediately before ESOF by the Marketing and Media Committee and are revealed at ESOF.

See the Programme Book in PDF

See the details of sessions in the online interactive programme hosted by Pathable 

Or see and dowload the programme overview Programme in PDF

Science Programme

The Science Programme is the very core of ESOF and consists of plenary and keynote lectures by world class researchers, statesmen, business leaders, and interactive sessions and workshops with engaging formats for debating the latest research results in various fields of knowledge selected from eight broad themes.

These eight themes address cross cutting issues related to ground breaking research and potential opportunities or consequences. They link the natural and social sciences, medicine and humanities and bring together policy discussions, economical and business issues, media involvement, gender ethical dimension and public perceptions.

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Science Policy Programme

The Science Policy Programme provides a unique platform for discussions, debates and networking around emerging issues in international science policy. It includes sessions and workshops on topics such as academic excellence; gender; responsible research and innovation; the future of peer review; the European Research Area; new trends in science policy; and university management.

The ambitious goal of ESOF2014 is to strengthen the effective ‘bridges’ between science and policy, research and innovation, scientists and citizens. The Science Policy Programme will enable participants to reflect on what science can do for society, and what society can do for the promotion of science.

Science to Business Programme

The Science to Business Programme focuses on the process of transforming the outputs of publicly-funded research into successful business innovations. This programme track provides opportunities for business leaders, researchers and policy makers to engage with one another – to learn, network, and set the stage for future collaborations.

The programme provides a multi-level set of activities that will offer delegates the opportunity to engage in the journey from science to business. It includes engaging panel discussions, workshops, case studies of best practice, and expert ‘surgeries’ on difficult issues in the area of innovation, entrepreneurship and business development.

Career Programme

The Career Programme is mainly addressed to early-stage researchers who will be offered the possibility to discuss and learn about the future of European research in terms of policies, mobility, science publishing and communication. In this edition researchers will have the opportunity to enter in dialogue with professional career advisers from different European countries about their options of the development of their scientific careers.

The Career Programme will take place on Saturday, including a Plenary Lecture, and end on Sunday prior to the ESOF2014 Opening Ceremony.

See the details of sessions in the online interactive programme hosted by Pathable

Or see and dowload the programme overview Programme in PDF

Direction to venue

The adress of the venue is:
Ny Carlsberg Vej 91
1760 Copenhagen V.

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