Science in the City programme

An important and highly visible element of ESOF 2014 is a public outreach programme - Science in the City Festival – that takes place alongside the conference from the 21-26 June 2014. The themes of Science in the City will be closely linked to the thematic themes of the ESOF 2014 conference that will take place in the Carlsberg City District at the same time.

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Building bridges

Science in the City will consist of a broad variety of events. It will build bridges between researchers, delegates and the general public, between you and me. Science is all over and we can learn much more, if we share it with each other. At Science in the City children, young people and adults will have their curiosity satisfied and their knowledge increased, when passionate researchers, entrepreneurs and students are presenting and sharing their cutting-edge inventions. More than 80 Danish and international partners will incite guests to enter into dialogue and encourage hands on experience through an interactive display of research and research communication. Science in the City will attract families, students and everyone who is curious and can´t help wondering...

Science in the City will stimulate your intellect and your senses

Science is… Wondering why

Have you ever wondered how you brain looks inside? How a solar cell work and how sound breaks glass? From our childhood to our life as grownups the world is filled with wonders. Wondering and being curios is essential to the process of learning new things about the world and about life.

Science in the city is an appeal to keep wondering!

Science is … Unfolding the future

No one can predict the future. Scientists try never the less every day. They look into phenomena, research and discuss to find out more about what’s to come. As human beings we are sculpturing our future. The things we do in our societies and on the earth as a whole have consequences for our common future. By predicting these consequences we can adjust our present way of living in order to improve the future world and our future societies.

Science in the City is an appeal to keep unfolding the future!

Science is … discovering together

Do you remember when you learned how to read or make your first meal? You learned these things from someone else, and it made sense to learn it because you need to know these things in order to interact and live in the sociality of society. Researchers can work individually, but science only makes sense when it is known by others. What we all share is that we learn and discover new perspectives together every day. Even the most exiting experience or mind-blowing news fades if you can't share it with anyone. 

Science in the City is an appeal to keep discovering together!

Science in the City for schools

Science in the City has a large programme for schools, mainly for 6. – 9. grade in public schools and for gymnasiums. But also younger students will be invited to Science in the City. The students are offered a unique opportunity to internalise knowledge outside the classroom and to gather inspiration for future studies and carrier possibilities.
Besides organizing special events and activities for youngsters and students, Science in the City will offer guided tours where volunteers together with the organizers of the activities will present the different activities and events. It will be possible to pick out different activities that match up with specific fields and interests. The programme will be available in March 20014.

Download flyer for schools (in Danish)

For school programme and booking contact:

Kathrine Saxild: email, phone +45 2082 8512

See the Science in the City festival website


Science in the City Manager Mette Seneca Jensen: email:, phone +45 4115 1224.

Science in the City